Much of the work of an artist is to cultivate an inner state that allows them to make their most potent and authentic art

While creating is as natural to us as breathing, necessary for our wellbeing and a balm for our soul, for many of us it all too often also involves challenges and obstacles that can feel overwhelming and that can stop us from engaging with our art making.

Creativity coaching can help by providing a safe, supportive and illuminating environment to uncover and understand what may be preventing you from making your most authentic work. Whether you’re struggling to find your artist’s voice or just can’t seem to begin, Creativity Coaching will help you unlock and clear what has been holding you back, providing you with tools to understand your creative process more clearly, helping you to return to yourself and commit to your creative work.

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My work with artists helps them to identify what is holding them back from making their art. By bringing awareness to their inner dialogues, assisting them in developing tools and skills to get beyond any limiting thoughts and beliefs, they can reengage with their creative work and develop a strong, sustainable and nurturing creative practice.

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My Online Group Coaching Program brings the work I do with individuals directly to you, in your home or work space. Through video tutorials, experiential assignments and inner explorations, you’ll unlock your creative expression and engage with your art at a much deeper and authentic level, allowing you to easily move past creative blocks.



Cheryl’s coaching gave me the strength to look at myself as an artist and analyze myself and my work. Her exercises and one on one sessions provided me with a safe place to explore my artistic voice and really have a hard look at my future and where I was going with it. For me, the most valuable piece has been realizing that all creatives struggle with the same thoughts and patterns. We all have doubt, we all have fear and it’s a common thread. I have achieved a stronger sense of artistic “want”, the need to be in the studio. I’ve realized that working creates ideas. 

-Nicole V

Firstly, the most valuable aspect of your mentoring, was to finally realize that in order to do authentic work, you have to work hard, take risks, be courageous, and trust your creative self. All and all this whole process has been a life changing adventure.  I would (and have), recommend you and your program. I am on a new path thanks to your guidance and caring support. 

-Pat C




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