Whether you’re a painter, a writer or a performer, it is utterly painful to have your artistic expression locked inside you without a way to access it…feeling the loss of connection to yourself and to your source.

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My work with artists helps them to identify what is holding them back from making their art. By bringing awareness to their inner dialogues, assisting them in developing tools and skills to get beyond any limiting thoughts and beliefs, they can reengage with their creative work and develop a strong, sustainable and nurturing creative practice.

The Artist’s Mindset is a 12 week Online Group Coaching Program that focuses exclusively on how to develop a healthy creative mindset that will support your art making process and allow you to connect deeply with your inner voice and unique, authentic expression.

The Program brings the work I do with my 1 to 1 Coaching clients directly to you, in your home or workspace. Through video tutorials, experiential assignments and inner explorations, you’ll unlock your creative expression and engage with your art at a much deeper and authentic level, allowing you to easily move past creative blocks and navigate the challenges that artists often face when making their art.

The Artist’s Mindset : Online Group Coaching Program
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> How to connect with your authentic creative voice and clarify your inner vision for your work

> What it means to work with risk and why embracing failure is necessary for growth

> How to identify limiting thoughts and beliefs and what to do about them when they arrive

> How to strengthen your relationship to your work and to yourself, and why this is important

> How to engage with play and why this is necessary for your creative work

> How to move past fear and resistance and identify it quickly before it takes hold

> Tools to support your creative practice and to get yourself unstuck

> How to easily find inspiration and generate ideas for your creative work

> How bringing mindfulness to your creative practice builds resiliency and inner strength

> How other artists face these challenges with their work and join our community!


I’m Cheryl Taves and I’m a working artist and creativity coach. I love supporting artists, helping them to deeply engage with their art. It’s been a passion of mine for some time to share this work with with a broader audience, allowing it to grow and build into a community of like-minded creatives, sharing, supporting and making their art.

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