My work with artists helps them to identify what is holding them back from making their art. By bringing awareness to their inner dialogues, assisting them in developing tools and skills to get beyond any limiting thoughts and beliefs, they can reengage with their creative work and develop a strong, sustainable and nurturing creative practice.

Along with learning skills and techniques, much of the work of an artist is to cultivate an inner state to bring their work forward. To make our most authentic and potent art we also need to understand our unique creative process and the ways we can show up for and support ourselves as artists. By strengthening our artist’s mindset, we give ourselves the best opportunity to make strong, personal art….and enjoy the process of making it!

If you’ve been struggling to make your art or just feel a loss of connection to the purpose of making your creative work, Creativity Coaching can help.


With the wisdom of a sage and the kindness of an angel, Cheryl nailed me to the floor of my truth. And it was fun! Generosity and warmth are her trademarks. You’re in good hands.
— Susan A
Cheryl is a very intuitive coach. She was gentle in her approach but firm enough to help me author a new path for my art and my life. She was able to take my challenges and help me turn them into possibilities.
— Diane P
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> How to get past the creative blocks that prevent you from working

> Finding your authentic creative expression in your life and work

> Understanding resistance, fear and self-doubt, how to quiet and work with the inner critic

> Developing tools to support your creative practice and keep your focus

> Bringing more of yourself to your work so the work is a deeper reflection of who you truly are

> Developing a belief system that supports you rather than diminishes you and interferes with your success

> Learning how to support yourself in an ongoing way so that you can easily return to a state of self-acknowledgment and appreciation

> Clarifying your inner vision for your work and yourself

> Making personal, authentic work that has potency...simply because it is your truest work

> Uncovering and developing your personal strengths, gifts and transferable skills


As your Coach I will provide respectful, honest feedback delivered with kindness and awareness, while presenting you with challenges to consider for yourself, depending on your goals and objectives. 

I will provide perspective, accountability and understanding. I have been where you are and continually work with these tools and understandings to keep myself strong in my work and creative life. It’s a process, once learned, that you’ll return to again as needed. 

I’m here to assist you wherever you are at in this process, following YOUR lead and reflecting back to you, so that you may see where your opportunities for growth are.

We’ll build trust and confidence as we go along, so that you’ll be able to sustain your creative work and life. 




If you think Creativity Coaching might be right for you, we’ll set up a complimentary 30 min exploratory session where we can discuss your concerns, get to know each other better and see if working together would be a fit for you.

You can email me at info@insightcreative.ca to schedule your free exploratory session. I am committed to giving my clients the very best, so let’s connect to discuss my availability.

My coaching sessions are hosted through Zoom video conferencing, an online platform that is super easy to use through your desktop computer or iPad.

Once we have committed to working together, we will craft a well considered objective for our time together. Here is what you can expect:

  • A detailed intake questionnaire that will begin to help us clarify the areas where you most need help and allow me to get to know more about your history and challenges with your creative work.

  • 60-90 minute coaching sessions where we will dive more deeply into the areas that we have identified as your key areas of challenge. We will discover the places where you’re working strongly and where you’re needing some support. My heart-centred approach will create a safe space for you to process what is coming up for you, helping you connect more deeply and gain some clarity around your creative practice.

  • An audio recording of your session for you to review and reflect on. Any action items laid out in our session will be captured for you in this recording. Listening to ourselves, while difficult at times, is also very enlightening and contributes greatly to this work.

  • A reading list of supporting books to enhance your commitment and for future reference.

  • Depending on your needs, I may also from time to time provide you with experiential assignments and exercises to strengthen the quality of our work together.

All of the above is designed to activate you and bring you back to a place of sustainable, creative authenticity and practice.

Through this process you’ll feel supported, heard, understood and less isolated. You’ll come to know that your issues are commonly shared amongst those that work creatively and that the key to success is to master them...not expecting that they’ll never be there, but knowing what to do when they are. 

This work is not about teaching you how to make your art or helping you to master techniques. Although, I will help you to clarify what you may need to learn in order to progress in your work, if you find yourself coming up against technical challenges.



I am passionate about working with my one to one clients and give them the very best I have to offer. I have limited availability for one to one coaching to ensure that my clients are my priority. 

My coaching fee is $95 CAD per hour – sessions typically run 60-90 minutes and include an audio recording.

Our sessions would be scheduled in increments that will best support your process. That could be anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on your particular needs. 

You will also have email access to me for quick questions between sessions and first opportunities and VIP access to enrol in any of my Online Group Coaching Programs, when offered.


I’d love to talk with you about the possibilities of working together!

Drop me an email to book your Free Exploratory Session: info@insightcreative.ca