My experience working with Cheryl as a creativity coach was rich and powerful,  both in ways I had hoped, and in ways I had not expected. I felt incredibly supported to explore and try things - there is a huge variety of activities, resources, and ideas to work and play with.  I really appreciated the invitation to choose my own adventure, and reflect and draw on my personal experiences. It’s both about “creating”  (e.g., making things, exploring different techniques and styles and processes and genres), as well as “reflecting” - Cheryl provides powerful prompts for thinking that unlock a deeper source of creative energy with which to work.
— Tracy K
Cheryl’s coaching gave me the strength to look at myself as an artist and analyze myself and my work. Her exercises and one on one sessions provided me with a safe place to explore my artistic voice and really have a hard look at my future and where I was going with it. For me, the most valuable piece was realizing that all creatives struggle with the same thought patterns. We all have doubt, we all have fear, and it’s a common thread. I have achieved a stronger sense of artistic “want”, the need to be in the studio. I’ve realized that working creates ideas.
— Nichole V
Firstly, the most valuable aspect of your mentoring, was to finally realize that in order to do authentic work, you have to work hard, take risks, be courageous, and trust your creative self. All and all this whole process has been a life changing adventure.  I would (and have), recommend you and your program. I am on a new path thanks to your guidance and caring support.
— Pat C
I came to Cheryl because I felt disconnected with my art making. I was going through the process without trusting my intuition. I didn’t believe my art was good enough and I was not sure how to make it a reflection of myself. Through my work with her, I am starting to trust that intuition by asking myself how I feel through the process. I am learning to shut down that little voice that puts me down all the time and letting my true self show.

Our discussions also brought me to think about the purpose of my art making and how far I want it to go into the world. I would recommend working with Cheryl to anyone who wants to connect with their creativity. Being an artist herself, she understands first hand how to be creative and she will bring you onto your path in a very caring way.
— Louise S
Cheryl is a very intuitive coach. She was gentle in her approach, but firm enough to help me author a new path for my art and my life. She was able to take my challenges and help me turn them into possibilities. I loved the structure of the assignments; they were easy to understand and follow. Cheryl is patient and open; she is an active listener that creates a safe space to work through ideas and possibilities. I would work with Cheryl again in the future.
— Diane P
With compassion, Cheryl helped me to face some hard truths that were keeping me stuck. She doesn’t stop with compassion, though, and knows how to keep moving forward, despite whatever obstacles you may uncover. Cheryl is incredibly tuned in and knows what’s needed and how to provide it.
— Rachel D
Cheryl is a warm and supportive coach who encouraged me to keep exploring my creative inclinations as they unfolded. Cheryl’s coaching was a wonderful addition to my life during a time when I really needed it!
— Terry R
Cheryl’s kind and compassionate way of relating made it easy to speak with her, as well as hear  the things that she was explaining to me. Her style is a mix of safe, gentle and honest encouragement from one artist to another and my time spent with her was the key that unlocked my internal identity as an artist. Cheryl was able to help me see myself as multifaceted and my life is richer for having spent that time with her.
— Karen B
Even though our work together concluded a year ago, I still feel I am reaping the benefits. I gained confidence in my work and in the process of painting through her coaching. She gave me the push I needed (and the exercises) to help me break out of my shell and explore new areas in my painting. Cheryl is really one of the most genuine persons I have ever met. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Lori L
With the wisdom of a sage and the kindness of an angel, Cheryl nailed me to the floor of my truth. And it was fun! Generosity and warmth are her trademarks. You’re in good hands.
— Susan A