Whether you’re a painter, a writer or a performer, it is utterly painful to have your artistic expression locked inside you without a way to access it…feeling the loss of connection to yourself and to your source.


Why Creativity Coaching Works 

The question that plagued me for years, and one that brought me to this work, was how could it be that I loved being an artist and making art, but I wasn’t making my work? How could these two states of being co-exist within me. I simply couldn’t understand why this was occurring for me and why I would allow anything to stop me from making my art. But, something did and I was stalled, blocked and incredibly frustrated. It seemed crazy....and I was determined to figure it out.

Painting is self discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.
— Jackson Pollock

All artists bring themselves to their art making...we are making our art from within, always. The aspects of ourselves, that often remain hidden from our consciousness, arrive in our creative process and inform our art practice. This means that the shadow parts of ourselves, the unseen aspects of self, can surface as we engage with our creative work. And, in order to make our art we need to understand how to heal our mindset and engage with the emotional labour that art making can require of us.

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> Negative self talk and an over active inner critic

> Resistance to making our work even though we truly want to

> Imposter syndrome….feeling like a fraud

> Inertia and creative blocks….not being able to move forward in our art making

> Constantly comparing ourselves to others and letting this derail our growth and acceptance of ourselves and our art

> Limiting beliefs, fears and overwhelming feelings of self doubt and struggle


Are you experiencing any of these feelings? Most artists have at some point. If you are, then you are my ideal client and I can help.

Creativity coaching provides a safe, judgment free place to bring these road blocks to making your art into the light where they can be processed and understood for what they are. The process of unpacking our limiting beliefs, facing our fears and tenderly coming back to being compassionate towards our artist selves allows us to engage with our art making from an empowered and informed place. We can begin to work with confidence, knowing that we have the skills to navigate the challenges and stay the course....making our best work as a result. 


Creativity Coaching Mindset 

My goal, for all of my clients, is for them to truly know themselves, their creative process and cycles. Through self-observation and reflection, you can begin to meet yourself where you are, with compassion and mindfulness. This mindset shift allows for growth, discovery and curiosity...and it is from this place that you can truly experience creative flow and connection. 

The coaching relationship provides an opportunity for you to have a partner in this inward journey, someone to help guide you back to yourself and build upon your strengths. You’ll learn what works for you and what best supports your art making. You’ll have an accountability partner to walk along side you as you grow, change and expand into your potential. 

Ultimately, you’ll know what actions to take to continue to be your own creativity coach and how to build a healthy and sustainable art practice, consistently showing up to do the work and moving forward towards what you most desire for yourself. 

Once you open this door for yourself and walk through it, you’ll be changed. You’ll know without a doubt that you can be on your own side and do your creative work. As artists, mastering our mindset is as important as learning our craft and building our skill set. Coaching can be the gateway to bring the missing element to your art making.


Working With Me as Your Creativity Coach

If you’re reading this and feel a strong resonance towards these words, if you recognize yourself in some of what you’ve read, or if you simply feel stuck, challenged or unsure of what may be holding you back from making the art you envision for yourself, then Creativity Coaching can help.

Please visit my 1 to 1 Coaching and my Online Group Coaching Program pages for more detailed information about how we could work together. I’d love to help you free yourself from what has been holding you back and build a joyful art practice.